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After death how long we feel pain

after death how long we feel pain

this questions is most common in society that what is death and how long we feel death pain .

when i saw this question so i started researching about what exactly science says about after death pain and how long we feel pain after death.

after searching many queries and questions and answers of them,i am here with you to share my whole data about after death how long we feel pain

before starting i wanna sure you guys death is not like what we thought, we learn death today in eye of science.

yes death feels,death pain exits,but how you dieng matters most.

some people believe that death have no pain because we feel pain just a seconds after that brain stops receiving signals from body and if brain have no sensation so how pain?

Basically There is only a matter of seconds of ATP stockpiled in your body at any given time. ATP is the power which fuels your muscles, including your heart.
If the body is no longer manufacturing ATP which is what happens soon after you die the body quickly uses all ATP which was stockpiled. means no ATP no blood pumps to the rest of your body.

Without blood pumping in your body oxygen and essential chemicals are no longer going into your brain.
So When the brain runs out of sodium and potassium, the brain stops receiving and transmitting action potentials.

The action potentials which are translating information in your brain! without action potentials, there is no receiving or translation of information. without receiving or translating information, there is no sensation of pain.

There will be no sensation of pain after death.

After death how long we feel pain


Death is not painful, but dying is

Yes sometimes people afraid of dying just because of losing power, accets, fame, wealth, loveones, and sometimes beauty etc, rather than being dead.

So i think you understand that once you die, your brain no longer processing input from the nerves, and cannot recognize impulses that, during life, meant pain.

If you dead, You won’t exist any more. So you won’t be doing anything. How can someone who does not exist feel anything? hope you sure about after death pain.

Is Death by old age painful

After death how long we feel pain

i know many of you are old age man, woman so i also researched for old age death in painful or not?

I seen a story one man says, The one person I knew well that died at an advanced age was my grandmother, She was born in 1898 and died in 2001. She is one of the few that lived in 3 centuries. She was 103 when she passed. At that time she was still bright, oriented as to place and people. Time had lost its meaning for her but though she may have not known the date she was still aware of seasons and holidays.

She lived alone until she was expect 99. All of her children had pre-deceased her as well as her friends. We tried to be of support to her as we accompanied her to funeral after funeral. Then they were all gone and she had only her grandchildren, my brother and me, to look out for her in stuition.

One morning I called her on the phone and asked how she was. She said, “I woke up and I thought I was dead.” I asked her what that was like and she that there were people but no one would talk to her. I have no idea what that meant to her, I just know that after a certain point she wasn’t interested in continuing to live. Her biggest complaint was that she felt useless. My brother and I would gently tease her by saying “Yep, Grandma, I really think you should go and get a job.” She would laugh and agree on our talk.

My Grandmother’s days were long though she slept a lot. She could not see well enough to read or get around and she could not hear enough to have easy conversation. She listened to books on tape from the society for the blind, which she loved.

Easy or not I asked her a million questions about the depression and other events such as the 1918 great flu epidemic, winning the right to vote and giving birth at home. She was living history and I wish I had asked many more questions to get answer of them.

At 97 she developed cancer in her sinuses and did a round of radiation. That held back the disease until a few weeks before she died with no return sad.

Now, every death is different depending on the circumstances and the body’s constitution and type of illness with many kind of situation and medication.

He like some of the other people I have been honored to be with while they died, was awake and aware and she went right up to the edge and promptly turned around in fear and confusion. No, no, no. But death is not to be denied and with her last breaths I watched as she let herself go and thus slipped away into the unknown and just unknown that we will just see when we come on same day that my grandmother was.

Pain is not an issue at that point as much as the confusion of trying to draw a breath and finding none to be had. As the organs fail the pressure mounts and when the lungs are flooded it is only a matter of a few short moments before the spark of life is extinguished in the body. Perhaps it lives on, perhaps it doesn’t. Life is mysterious and unpredictable.

So guys you see how this man says, life is unpredictable and we don’t know when our time come, but we have to calm and relax because this is natural process as many others we see in our life.

i hope you enjoy the story and now feeling better then before because i understand that life works in way this is not without law, and what we learn in law as we feel in life so don’t worry and enjoy what life time you received for you.

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